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astrology / mythology / politics / collapse

live lecture series begins April 13th, 2024

Astrology for Revolutionaries is a mundane astrological education that will transform your relationship to the urgent moment we're living through. Based on six+ years of research and thorough archetypal, mythological and historical analysis, this course offers an integrated take on the astrology of our times that you won't find anywhere else.


Hi! I'm Hummingbird, creator of Astrology for the Revolution. You're invited to join me for a series of lectures that bring together astrology, mythology, history, a leftist political analysis, and collapse-awareness.

This education is for you if you've been wondering what astrology has to say about the compounding crises facing humanity. The alignments between the astrological and the mundane offer a profound framework for grasping what we're up against, both politically and spiritually. I think it's time for this discourse to open up, for astrology to emerge as a powerful tool for personal and collective liberation. If you're calling in a root for your astrological practice, if you want to be sure you're not regurgitating colonial narratives, if you want your perspective to be grounded in what's real, I hope you'll join us.

AFR starts on Saturday, April 13th, and consists of six 90-minute lectures and a follow-up Q&A session. If you're an astrologer or any other type of practitioner, there's an optional certificate you can earn by taking a quiz at the end. Descriptions and dates for each session are listed below.

Lecture #1


a framework for naming apocalypse

Astrology for Revolutionaries  integrates three frameworksdeep astrology, a leftist politic, and collapse awarenessin an attempt at constructing a functional narrative for understanding our historical moment. At a time when so many long-held cultural stories are collapsing around us, we are looking for new languages to speak, new ways to name what we're experiencing. Deep astrology adds psychological, mythological and spiritual dimensions to the radical intellectual territories of politics and collapse, generating a unique and comprehensive lens. This introductory lecture will explore each aspect of the trifecta, and lay the foundations for the rest of the course.

Saturday, April 13th

11am pt / 2pm et

Lecture #2


WHY does astrology "work"? What does it mean to be defining ourselves through the lens of Greco-Roman archetypes? What can that psychological system tell us about our current predicament?

This lecture starts with western astrology's root in ancient Greece and Rome, and moves on to a historical analysis of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, breaking down the political and social shifts happening at the time each planet was "discovered" and how they correspond to the mythological archetypes. I also propose a theory about the Anthropocene, which some scholars consider to have started around the time of Uranus' discovery in 1781, and the karmic links between the Greco-Roman worldview and our society's current destructive course.

Saturday, April 20th

11am pt / 2pm et

Lecture #3


One of the hardest parts of the human dilemma to see clearly is the influence of the internet, especially since the development of the worldwide web in the late 1980s. The astrological story of the past 35 years has crucial insights when it comes to grasping the birth of Big Tech, and the way these corporate behemoths are impacting both our psychology and our political structures. This lecture analyzes the movements of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, beginning with Saturn's conjunction to Uranus on the Galactic Center in 1988, when Tim Berners-Lee first conceived the idea of the www, and culminating in 2020's Capricorn stellium and "The Great Reset".

Saturday, April 27th

11am pt / 2pm et

Lecture #4


Today, we hover on multiple astrological precipices. Pluto makes its full transition from Capricorn into Aquarius at the end of 2024. Neptune emerges from the depths of Pisces into Aries in 2025, and Uranus leaves Taurus for Gemini in 2026. The current transits of each planet describe separate but overlapping influences that can help us grasp processes bigger than ourselves, and orient ourselves more solidly within the realities of our present moment. This lecture covers Uranus in Taurus and consolidation of wealth by big tech; Neptune in Pisces, the post-truth world and the climate crisis; and Pluto's movements as they relate to geopolitical power shifts. We also cover the US Pluto Return and the breakdown of the American mythos, power structures and international legitimacy.

Saturday, May 4th

11am pt / 2pm et

Lecture #5


uncollapsing the wave function

“So why try to predict the future at all if it’s so difficult, so nearly impossible? Because . . . our tomorrow is the child of our today. Through thought and deed, we exert a great deal of influence over this child, even though we can’t control it absolutely. Best to think about it, though. Best to try to shape it into something good. Best to do that for any child." -Octavia E. Butler, "A Few Rules for Predicting the Future"

How can we face hard truths head on, without creating self-fulfilling prophecies of doom or getting stuck in old paradigms of thinking? Before we switch gears and look towards the future, this pre-recorded lecture invites in some contemplation on what it means to use astrology for the purpose of prediction, or as I prefer to say, anticipation.

released approximately

Thursday, May 9th

Lecture #6


Astrology is a map of the timelines we're living into, with important information about forks in the road, potential bad weather, and points of respite. We can use it to anticipate our collective journey, although that doesn't mean we can know in advance exactly what we'll encounter. This lecture breaks down the astrology of the rest of the 2020s, including the 2024 US Presidential Election, the Saturn/Neptune conjunction at 00° Aries in 2026, the third Uranus Return of the US in 2027, Pluto's 20-year tenure in Aquarius, and more. We conclude with some deep thoughts on death practice, humanity's evolutionary process, and our spiritual potentials.

Saturday, May 18th

11am pt / 2pm et

follow-up q&a

After a week to digest, we'll gather one more time as Jupiter enters Gemini for a q&a on the series, and a safe space for discussion about all things apocalyptic.

Saturday, May 25th

11am pt / 2pm et

 program fee:

$111 - $444

sliding scale*

*5% of all purchases will be redistributed  -- more info shared with participants (or in advance on request - just email me!)

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if you're new here...

I'm Hummingbird, your guide through these dark but fascinating territories. I've been immersed in the research that generated this course, and the rest of Astrology for the Revolution, since 2018. While the conversations can be tough, I believe astrology provides an invaluable resource for grasping humanity's predicament. In these lectures, I've done my best to lay out the framework clearly, with as many hard facts and dates as possible.

I come from a varied background by education/profession. I hold a bachelor's in political science, but spent eight years after college in what can most easily be described as a "yoga cult" (learn more about that here). Since a classic Saturn return exit from that community in 2015, I've been exploring the intersection of politics/activism, spirituality and somatics. In recent years, I've also studied the intellectual frameworks of historical materialism and collapse awareness.

The teachers and scholars who have most influenced my work include:


  • Eric Francis, who was my political astrology mentor from 2016-2018. We're no longer in touch, but I owe my mundane astrological writing style to him, as well as my foundational understanding of the archetypes.

  • Resmaa Menakem and Susan Raffo, both of whom have shaped my understanding of the overlap between race and somatics, and the way oppressive systems embed themselves in the body.

  • Carmen Spagnola, who teaches on many subjects, but I'm particularly grateful for her Collapse 101 course, a deep dive into all things collapse that helped form my approach towards "the future". On a more intellectual level, my analysis is also supported by peak oil theorist John Michael Greer's idea of catabolic collapse.

  • Aaron Good, an author and researcher in the fringe (but growing less so) academic space of para-politics, whose work describing the "deep state" informs a lot of my understanding of the mechanisms of government.

  • Chris Hedges, an independent journalist who tells the truth about the American war machine.

  • Starhawk, a writer and teacher on the overlap of magic and politics, and a scholar of deep feminist history from the witch burnings back through the Old Testament.

other things to know

  • All live lectures will be recorded, and a link to download the recording will be sent the day after the lecture. You'll have two weeks to download each file before it's deleted.

  • All live sessions will take place through Zoom. Cameras can be on or off; there won't be much group interaction, except for during the final  Q&A.

  • Pro-rated refunds will be offered after the first and second lectures. No refunds will be offered after the third lecture

who is this for?

Primarily, AFR is for anyone who wants to deepen their own astrological practice. You don’t have to know much about your own chart or astrology in general to benefit from the course. AFR is also for folks who understand that no personal growth or evolution can happen without facing the political, cultural and climate crises encircling humanity today, and the history that got us here.


A little more specifically, I feel that anyone who guides others through an astrological lens could be supported by the framework AFR offers. If you’re a newer astrologer, or a coach, healer or other service provider who incorporates astrology, this course will give you a foundation from which to understand the complex archetypal story being told by the outer planets in the sky right now. You’ll come away with new confidence as a reader and new integrity as a guide.

who is this not for?

AFR is not for you if you haven’t engaged some level of self-interrogation around race, sex, gender, capitalism, colonialism, and the myth of American/western eternal dominance. It's not for astrology skeptics, and it's not for anyone looking for feel-good fairytales about humanity's future. It may also not be for folks who are feeling neurochemically unstable, because while I hold a grounded, trauma-sensitive space, the heaviness of the material is unavoidable, and sometimes overwhelm hits. Trust your heart and gut on whether you need to be concerned about this.

 program fee:

$111 - $444

sliding scale*

*5% of all purchases will be redistributed  -- more info shared with participants (or in advance on request - just email me!)


AFR supported me in such a heavy period of my life, it provided me with a community and framework to tackle the challenges to come and it kept me grounded. It taught me the true importance of embodiment & how to work with the energies around me to improve myself and thereby improve my service to the universe. Hummingbird is so thorough in her research - politically, socially, & astrologically. I left the course feeling more prepared and stronger than ever.

~A. M., class of 2021

AFR was a beautiful experience for me! It gave me so much insight and perspective, both about this time in human history and my own place within it. I enjoyed my classmates immensely, and I can't say enough good things about Hummingbird. She is creative, humanistic and real. She wasn't afraid to be vulnerable along the journey, but her intuition never failed to take us exactly where we needed to go. Hummingbird is a gifted teacher, able to work with students at various levels. I never felt left behind, although some of the work with the charts was over my head. If you feel called to this program, you're in for a wild, wonderful ride!

~C. L., class of 2020

I deeply admire and respect the container that Hummingbird holds. She connects astrological archetypes with the political and spiritual demands of our time in a way that is profoundly unique and supportive of the deconstruction process ahead. Her awareness of colonial systems of privilege and oppression is valuable in group discussions. When I left the course I felt more equipped to grapple with humanitarian and climate crises without looking away.  Hummingbird is an excellent teacher and friend to have in the revolution.

~C. S., class of 2023

Hummingbird is a very intelligent, compassionate, and skilled astrologer and facilitator. Her insights, guidance, and presence helped me to remain centered and focused while exploring some really intense topics. I was able to remain engaged and not sink into despair or resort to denial. I left this container feeling more aligned with my role in the revolution and clear on my intentions for moving forward. That is exactly what I had hoped for!

~E. V., class of 2021

Wow, this course was loaded with opportunity for introspection and self-discovery!! There were so many informative/fun aspects to the course, and it  was so thorough and validating. You can easily feel Hummimgbird’s love and passion as well as her desire to make everyone feel heard and seen. She created a very thoughtful and attentive container. I felt a call to take her course and by doing so, I had big awakenings/shifts, so so glad I stepped outside my comfort zone and took it!

~A. M., class of 2020

AFR supported my expansion of mindfulness. I am mentally stronger, as in more fortified and flexible. More focused. More aware. I told so many people in my life about it! I recommend this course for people seeking to understand and positively work with the upcoming astrological energies within their personal and collective lives.

~R. W., class of 2021

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