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past / present / future / spirit / self

live lecture series begins Jan. 2024

Astrology for Revolutionaries is an astro-political education that will transform your relationship to our dire historical moment—and to your unique role in it. Based on five+ years of research and thorough archetypal, mythological and historical analysis, this course offers an integrated take on the astrology of our times that you won't find anywhere else. AFR will help you upgrade your personal astrology practice while also giving you a foundation of knowledge that grounds you in the political.

Full Moon

Original course content:

  • 3 live lectures

  • 2 live Q&As

  • Opening & closing ceremony materials

  • go-at-your-own-pace workbook with educational videos

  • optional group Signal thread for sharing, conversation and co-regulation practice

  • optional cumulative quiz and "certification"

  • grandfathered access to this course when I release the recorded version (fall 2024)

Moon Gazing

AFR is a combination of education, personal work and community conversation that will revolutionize your relationship to astrology, and maybe to the world at large.


It's not Astrology 101, but it's not complex, advanced astrology either. It's about astrology as living, breathing praxis; astrology as truth-telling; astrology as a behind-the-scenes look at the cosmic screenplay in which all humans have roles.

To me, revolutionary thought, action and culture means that which bridges the spiritual and the political. If you're hungry for a new paradigm that acknowledges humanity's power and potential but doesn't gaslight about the horrors in our history, present and likely future... this space is for you.


Lecture #1



  • The history of western astrology - why does it work?

  • Historical/Mythological analyses of Uranus, Neptune & Pluto

  • Pluto Returns throughout history

  • Pluto & the Generations

  • An astrological timeline of the internet, especially since the creation of the worldwide web in the late 1980s

Image by Navi
Image by Thula Na

Lecture #2



  • The "Great Reset" and the Capricorn stellium of 2020

  • The current political, social and spiritual manifestations of Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces, and Pluto on the Capricorn/Aquarius threshold

  • Chiron in Aries & the identity wound

  • The US Pluto Return (the elephant in the room)

Lecture #3



  • The 2024 US Presidential Election

  • Pluto in Aquarius 2023 - 2042

  • Neptune/Saturn conjunct at 00° Aries in early 2024

  • Uranus in Gemini & the US' third Uranus Return

  • My spirit guides' take on global geopolitical shifts and the future of the US

  • Beyond Pluto: Eris and the Kuiper Belt

Image by Mahdi Soheili


Untitled design-85.png
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A go-at-your-own-pace workbook designed for a lifetime of radical self-exploration through astrology.

Section 1 - The Basics

  • connecting to the elemental story of your natal chart

  • exploring dimensional differences between inner & outer planets

  • somatic ritual suggestions for bringing the chart into embodiment 

Image by Jeremy Perkins

sample pages


Section 2 - Houses, Aspects & Transits

  • reading the chart as a comprehensive whole

  • understanding inter-planetary relationships

  • prompts for exploring current long-term transits

Image by Jeremy Perkins

sample pages


Section 3 - For The Revolution

  • integrating what you've learned - coming back to earth

  • finding revolutionary purpose through portals of service and portals of healing

  • a note on "ascension" and frequency healing

Image by Jeremy Perkins

sample pages


The entire AFR workbook is 35 pages long. If you're brand new to your natal chart, you might benefit by starting at the beginning and allowing the layers to build on one another. If you're already familiar with your chart (or if you're feeling rebellious), you will probably be just fine jumping in anywhere you feel called.


This workbook is not meant to be completed (or even started) during the course. It's a combination of prompts and practices that you can use to track your deep knowing of your own being/story over years, like slowly drawing a map of your home territory. You may feel called to a certain section immediately, and not be drawn to other parts of the work for months or years. The intention is to provide a gentle framework for your astrological explorations as they evolve and deepen over time.

You’ll receive a PDF copy of the workbook with your course Welcome Letter. There may also be an option for a printed copy costing around $20.


new dates coming soon!

The container of AFR is designed for participants to have autonomy in terms of timing while still facilitating a well-held group experience. It’s also designed to compress a lot of transformation into a short amount of time. I hope that the flexibility enables everyone to get the most out of the content without overwhelm or dropping other balls.


As soon as you register for AFR, you’ll receive a welcome letter and the PDF copy of the workbook. The welcome letter will include links for each live event, the three videos that accompany the workbook, and a greeting and intro from Hummingbird. Then…


On July 17th, AFR officially begins at the Cancer new moon. We don’t meet live today, but you’ll receive an email with an audio guided meditation, some journal prompts, and a suggestion for ritual (all to be done in your own timing), for the new moon and for initiating your personal entrance into the course. The optional Signal thread will also open today, with some ground rules and a chance for everyone to introduce themselves. Then we move into content:


  • July 18th: Lecture #1 - THE PAST - 90 mins (5pm pt/8pm et)

  • July 25th: Lecture #2 - THE PRESENT - 90 mins (5pm pt/8pm et)

  • August 1st: Q & A  - 2hrs (4pm pt/7pm et)

  • August 8th: Lecture #3 - THE FUTURE - 90 mins (5pm pt/8pm)

  • August 15th: Q & A, group closing ceremony - 2hrs (4pm pt/7pm et)


August 16th: We close at the Leo new moon (square Uranus!) with another ceremony you’ll be invited to do privately, on your own time.


Recordings of all the calls will be shared; however, please only sign up if you can commit to being present on at least 4 out of 5 calls.


The Signal thread will be open from the beginning to end of the course. Folks can participate as much or as little as they like. There may be prompts for sharing or conversations about course material in the thread, but I’ll make sure anything need-to-know goes out through email. The community dimension adds richness to the course experience and to the practice of astrology in general. But, I know people are busy! I trust everyone to make their own calls in terms of how much group connection feels right.

Finally, after the closure of the group, you'll have an opportunity to take a quiz on the course material, and receive a certificate recognizing your education in revolutionary mundane astrology. This is not a certification to read astrology, although you'll pick up on plenty of chart-interpretation skills through the workbook. What it speaks to is your grounding in political and systemic realities, as well as historical context. I believe this could be a sought-after perspective in coming years, especially as astrology-loving, socialist Gen Z comes on the scene.


 program fee:

10 full-price spots available, plus
2 half scholarships
1 full scholarship

$350 - $500


scholarships are full; 5 full-price spots available as of July 11th

sliding scale


Hi, I'm Hummingbird!

I'll be your guide through the all the astrological territory! This course is based on a body of work I've been researching and developing since 2018 (I ran two beta versions of the program in 2020 and 2021). The curriculum has continued to deepen and grown over the years, and what you'll learn in AFR 2023 will be the most comprehensive presentation yet. These frameworks have changed my life for the better and made my spirit stronger. I hope they can do the same for you.
My astro-political style owes a lot to my original astrology mentor, Eric Francis Coppolino. But since 2020, I have been mostly self-taught. I'm not an expert in any one branch of astrology, except maybe mundane astrology. My research has focused on a combination of planetary archetypes, mythology, and the concrete current and historical examples presented in this course. I've also worked intimately with my own chart for about eight years, and with 300+ clients. 
Longer-term, I come from a background that combines politics, energetic training, somatics, and more recently the work of self-education and self-interrogation around whiteness, colonialism and the narcissistic American mythology. You can learn more about my history here.
This will be the final time I teach Astrology for Revolutionaries live. My next big project is turning this content into a recorded, go-at-your-own-pace program, so that folks can continue to access it as I move forward in my work. But the personal and communal parts of AFR are super special too, so if everything here speaks to you, I hope you can join us for this round.

With love,



f a q

Who is this program for?


Primarily, AFR is for anyone who wants to deepen their own astrological practice. You don’t have to know much about your own chart or astrology in general to benefit from the course, but you do have to want to learn. AFR is also for folks who understand that no personal growth or evolution can happen without facing the political, cultural and climate crises encircling humanity today, and the history that got us here.


A little more specifically, I feel that folks who guide others through an astrological lens could really be supported by the framework AFR offers. If you’re a newer astrologer, or a coach, healer or other service provider who incorporates astrology, this course will give you a foundation from which to understand both the multi-dimensional natal chart, and the complex archetypal story being told by the outer planets in the sky right now. You’ll come away with new confidence as a reader and new integrity as a guide.


Who is this program not for?


AFR is not for you if you haven’t engaged some level of self-interrogation around race, sex, gender, capitalism, colonialism, and the myth of American/western eternal dominance. It's not for astrology skeptics. It's not for anyone looking for hand-holding in researching their chart (though I can definitely support you in the Q&As and in your private reading). It may also not be for folks who are feeling neurochemically unstable, because while I hold a grounded, trauma-sensitive space, the heaviness of the material is unavoidable, and sometimes overwhelm hits. Trust your heart and gut on whether you need to be concerned about this.

What is the refund policy?


A pro-rated refund will be available after the first and second lectures to anyone for whom AFR turns out not to be a good match. No refunds will be offered after the third lecture.

How long will the content be available after the course?

Each call will be held on Zoom and sent to you as a download link. You will have about three months to download your own copy of each recording.

Is this a safe space for folks with marginalized identities?

As a cis white woman, it might be impossible for me to promise that completely. I am still early in my development as this type of a facilitator and I will make mistakes. You can count on me to be receptive to feedback. You can also count on me to call out any kind of veiled bigotry coming from someone of a dominant identity.

What is a Signal thread?

Signal is a free encrypted messaging app. I'll put together a group chat for anyone who wants to be included.

 program fee:

$350 - $500

sliding scale

scholarships are full; 6 full-price spots available as of July 8th


AFR supported me in such a heavy period of my life, it provided me with a community and framework to tackle the challenges to come and it kept me grounded. It taught me the true importance of embodiment & how to work with the energies around me to improve myself and thereby improve my service to the universe. Hummingbird is so thorough in her research - politically, socially, & astrologically. I left the course feeling more prepared and stronger than ever.

~A. M., class of 2021

AFR was a beautiful experience for me! It gave me so much insight and perspective, both about this time in human history and my own place within it. I enjoyed my classmates immensely, and I can't say enough good things about Hummingbird. She is creative, humanistic and real. She wasn't afraid to be vulnerable along the journey, but her intuition never failed to take us exactly where we needed to go. Hummingbird is a gifted teacher, able to work with students at various levels. I never felt left behind, although some of the work with the charts was over my head. If you feel called to this program, you're in for a wild, wonderful ride!

~C. L., class of 2020

Hummingbird is a very intelligent, compassionate, and skilled astrologer and facilitator. Her insights, guidance, and presence helped me to remain centered and focused while exploring some really intense topics. I was able to remain engaged and not sink into despair or resort to denial. I left this container feeling more aligned with my role in the revolution and clear on my intentions for moving forward. That is exactly what I had hoped for!

~E. V., class of 2021

Wow, this course was loaded with opportunity for introspection and self-discovery!! There were so many informative/fun aspects to the course, and it  was so thorough and validating. You can easily feel Hummimgbird’s love and passion as well as her desire to make everyone feel heard and seen. She created a very thoughtful and attentive container. I felt a call to take her course and by doing so, I had big awakenings/shifts, so so glad I stepped outside my comfort zone and took it!

~A. M., class of 2020

AFR supported my expansion of mindfulness. I am mentally stronger, as in more fortified and flexible. More focused. More aware. I told so many people in my life about it! I recommend this course for people seeking to understand and positively work with the upcoming astrological energies within their personal and collective lives.

~R. W., class of 2021

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