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AFTR Mission statement

The mission of Astrology for the Revolution (previously known as Activist Astro) is to explore and dissect the energies of the United States Pluto Return, and to provide a perspective that can help us move through these dramatic times with both strength and grace.

written Jan. 2018


Every 246 years, the planet Pluto completes one rotation around the Sun. That means that today, Pluto is approaching the same degree of the zodiac where it was located on July 4th, 1776. We are experiencing the end and the beginning of a giant cosmic cycle.


This is an event that stretches far beyond Donald Trump and the tragicomedy that currently dominates our headlines. It’s about the rotten foundations of genocide and slavery on which the US was built, and the need for the birth of a completely new system. Structures we have taken for granted are now crumbling both around and within us. We are all undergoing a slow process of total transformation, though the majority of us don’t realize it yet.


Astrology is useful because it gives us a sense of a timeframe beyond our lifespans. Planetary archetypes also help us understand the specific energies at play in any situation, and how we might work with them proactively instead of being at their mercy. I offer this ongoing analysis in the hope of contributing to activist discourse a perspective that links the individual with the collective; the past with the current moment; and our incredible diversity of cultures and experiences with the fact that we all live on the same Earth, beneath the same sky. 


If the arc of history does indeed bend towards justice, we are entering a moment in which it is particularly pliable. May we move forward with courage, compassion and faith—and the stardust of which every single one of us is made.

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