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Hi! I'm Hummingbird (she/her), creator of Astrology for the Revolution. This project has been in slow birth since 2017 and I'm pretty sure it's still at the very beginning. I really hope the work is supportive to you! 

I come from a varied educational/professional background, which is finally finding an integrated expression in this body of work. I have a bachelor's degree in political science (with a focus on communications) from Emerson College. But I got disillusioned with politics once I started studying it, and soon after I graduated from college I joined what can be most easily described as a "yoga cult". You can learn more about that experience here.

After eight years, I left the group in 2015, within days of my Saturn Return. I was an off-and-on astrology student since 2005, when I loved Michael Lutin's column in Vanity Fair, and I'd come back to it for support as I navigated the scary exit process from the cult. Once I was out, I started studying astrology more seriously, and when I came across the US Pluto Return, I knew this was a path I had to follow.

Since that time, I've also pursued education beyond astrology, mainly at the intersection of politics/activism, somatics/neurobiology, and spirituality. In recent years my research has taken me towards the intellectual territories of mythology & depth psychology, historical materialism, deep politics and collapse. The teachers and scholars who have most influenced my work include:​

  • Eric Francis, who was my political astrology mentor from 2016-2018. We're no longer in touch, but I owe my mundane astrological writing style to him, as well as my foundational understanding of the archetypes.

  • Resmaa Menakem, Tada Hozumi, Dare Carrasquillo and Susan Raffo, all of whom have shaped my understanding of the overlap between race and somatics, and the way oppressive systems embed themselves in the body.

  • Carmen Spagnola, who teaches on many subjects, but has a particularly unique and valuable offering in her frameworks around collapse.

  • Aaron Good, an author and researcher in the fringe (but growing less so) academic space of para-politics, whose work describing the "deep state" informs a lot of my understanding of the mechanisms of government.

  • Chris Hedges, an independent journalist who tells the truth about the American war machine.

  • Starhawk, a writer and teacher on the overlap of magic and politics, and a scholar of deep feminist history from the witch burnings back through the Old Testament.

  • David Leskowitz & Jenny Kellogg, who are doing groundbreaking work with the Centaurs.

I'm a white, Jewish, cis-gendered woman, currently living on the ancestral lands of the Tutelo peoples, also known as the Blue Ridge Mountains in southwest Virginia. I'm about 7 years in to the lifelong journey of trying to find integrity while living on stolen land in a privileged body. I'm blessed to have been in circles of white folks asking these questions since 2018, and I believe that creating new white culture, rooted in historical and ancestral honesty, is crucial to the healing and transformation process America is going through today. I strive to create narratives in my work that center the realities of the oppressed and marginalized, both historically and in the present day. As a reader, facilitator and healer, I strive to hold leadership with humility and awareness of my privileges. I intend to build a system for redistribution of resources into my business model, although I'm early and experimental in that process. I believe we live in a world that has room for all of us to shine. I'm here for the edgiest of conversations around how we get there with full integrity.

For the astro-curious: I'm a Pisces Sun, Capricorn Moon and Scorpio rising, with Saturn also in Scorpio just three degrees from the ascendant. I have Mercury and Venus in Aries, and Mars at the very beginning of Taurus. I'm a 4/6 self-projected Projector in Human Design.

Because of my cult experience, I'm highly sensitive to power dynamics and issues of autonomy, especially within the student/teacher context. I believe that growth / evolution / healing etc can only truly happen when choices are made from a place of 100% autonomy. I try hard to create that in all my spaces. I'm a hard no to manipulative sales tactics, and in my client relationships I hold a strong intention to let you choose your own story, come to your own understanding of whatever we explore together. As stated above, I'm here for all the edgy conversations around privilege, power, money, culture, spirituality and more.

All that said, I LOVE supporting clients in their astrological explorations, and I feel super lucky to do this work. I currently have four types of private readings available -- learn more and get on my calendar here!

Check out my other (mostly free) offerings:

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