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Hi! I'm Hummingbird (she/her), creator of Astrology for the Revolution. This project has been in slow birth since 2017 and I'm pretty sure it's still at the very beginning. I really hope the work is supportive to you! 

I'm a white, half-Jewish cis woman, based in land originally stewarded by the Tutelo peoples, today known as the Blue Ridge Mountains in southwest Virginia. I've been doing astrology readings for about six years, and other types of spiritual and energy healing work since 2009. I have a degree in political communications from Emerson College, and I spent my twenties teaching yoga and working as an energy healer. More recently I've pursued education in the overlapping fields of trauma, somatics and justice, and these days I'm blessed to be studying with Susan Raffo, a white movement elder/elder-in-training on Dakota & Annishanabe land (Minneapolis), exploring possibilities of white anti-racist community-building and ancestral healing. Some of the other teachers who have most influenced my perspective are Starhawk, adrienne maree brown, Resmaa Menakem, and Ilchi Lee. My favorite authors are Octavia Butler and Paulo Coelho. 

For the astro-curious: I'm a Pisces Sun, Capricorn Moon and Scorpio rising, with Saturn also on the ascendant. I have Mercury and Venus in Aries, and Mars at the very beginning of Taurus. I'm a 4/6 self-projected Projector in Human Design. I just completed my second nodal return (which gives you some info about my age, if you feel like calculating), and Chiron is currently transiting my Mercury in Aries. Astrology for the Revolution is brought to you by the convergence of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto on my late Cap Moon in 2020, and the years leading up to it, which is when the visions that initiated this work were coming through. I was mentored in astrology from 2016-2018 by Eric Francis Coppolino, whose political and journalistic approach to astrology used to be the inspiration for my own. Unfortunately Eric is lost in the conspiracy rabbit-hole at the moment, and I no longer consider him a teacher, but I'm grateful to have learned from him. I hope he comes back to earth one day.

One other fact about me: I'm a high-demand cult-survivor, which is a story I am not quite ready to tell publicly, but it's a part of my life that deeply informs how I approach my work as a guide, facilitator and healer. I'm committed to the preservation of personal autonomy and power -- in all my relationships, but because of the inherent power imbalance, especially with clients. I'm here to help you explore the territory of your life and consciousness, but I always hold a strong intention to let you choose your own narratives around whatever we uncover. I am also a hard no on manipulative sales techniques. I'm sure I have more lessons to learn, but I really hope to forge a healthy path through the jungles of late-stage capitalism and find better ways of navigating power.

All that said, I LOVE supporting clients in their astrological explorations, and I feel super blessed to do this work. I currently have four types of private readings available -- learn more and get on my calendar here!

Check out my other (mostly free) offerings:

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