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Mercury for Revolutionaries

This is a workbook designed to support you not only through Mercury Retrograde, but through the entire Mercury cycle and each Mercury cycle to come. The first half of the workbook summarizes the most important components of Mercury's synodic cycle, introduces some science that may explain why the retrogrades are so rough, and explores how we can use all of this for our own healing and evolution. The second half consists of six pages of writing prompts, one for each phase of Mercury cycle. You can re-use these prompts for any future Mercury cycle you want to work with. You'll also find all the dates associated with the Mercury cycle for 2023.

20 pages
Price: $22

meant for repeated use over many Mercury cycles


Mercury RX Roadmap Spring 2023*

A three-page writeup on all the specifics of this season's Mercury retrograde, including a calendar with all important dates. It details the archetypes and aspects associated with the current transit,  happening April 21st - May 14th, 2023, in Taurus. It covers the basic themes of Taurus, the details of the cazimi (conjunct Vesta and square Lilith in Leo), and Mercury's unique interactions with Uranus on one end of the rx, and Pluto's intensely karmic square to the nodes at the other.

The roadmap write-up is designed to be a compliment to the workbook. You can purchase a new one each Mercury retrograde for $11 -- this time around the write-up is included if you purchase the workbook. Don't worry: you will definitely be able to use the workbook without the write-up if you don't want to keep buying it each time :)

$11; 3 pages
*winter 2023 write-up coming soon!

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