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Pluto Work

an introduction to your psychosomatic landscape and a set of tools to navigate the journey

Pluto is an inescapable force in our collective reality, now and always. It's the epic evolutionary energy that drives life forward--and also the death and destruction that are a necessary part of the process. Especially during the Pluto Return of the USA, how can we channel this archetype through our own cells, embracing death on a soul level so that less human, animal and earth death has to manifest?

The Pluto Work is based around an understanding that not only our current lives, but also our past lives, our ancestry, and our cultural conditioning all exist in our bodies in overlapping but distinct ways. The astrological chart is a map of this "landscape", and transits tell us about the "weather" in different parts. Over the course of our work together, we'll get to know the landscape both in terms of your astrology, and in terms of your history, personality, physical body, chakras, nervous system, mental patterning and more. I'll also introduce somatic, energetic and psychic techniques for engaging your personal healing/evolutionary journey.


the work

  • 6 live sessions (thru zoom) 60-70 mins

  • opening & closing ceremonies 45 mins each 

  • 3 video readings 30ish mins

  • 2 workbooks & other educational materials

  • 24/7 access thru text, voicenote, email

  • combination of astrology, tarot, and psychic/somatic/energetic work

beta version price: $950

next availability: June 2024

Ultimately, Pluto is about transformation. If we work actively, consciously and ever-so-respectfully with this energy, we can catalyze it for powerful change on multiple levels. If you think you are ready for the ride, let's chat :)

from past clients:

the pluto work offered me an opportunity to do deeply personal, ancestral, spiritual healing work while fully facing and confronting the horrific realities of these times we are living through: institutional collapse, plutocracy, climate crisis, mounting authoritarianism, and the raw and festering wounds of centuries of white supremacy and genocide. this is an authentic healing framework for embodying transformation, unlearning, and repatterning to co-create life-affirming ways of being and doing, starting from the inside out. hummingbird is the real deal—a gifted astrologer, fiercely intelligent, skilled in well-honed healing practices, intimately connected to her own spiritual guidance, and authentically open and humble enough to walk aside as a partner on the journey rather than the detached guru-type presence that healing practitioners so easily default to within systems of domination. the depth and breadth of astrological content offered a roadmap for me to track my own journey to healing myself and unlocking my contributions and responsibilities in this historical moment. the mind-body-spirit modalities and readings offered by hummingbird allowed new self-awareness to integrate and settle into my body, revealing surprising blessings of wonder, patience, and self-compassion. if you want to skip over the messy, human, grief-laden dimensions of spiritual work, go see another practitioner! but if you want to allow the powerful times we are living in to pierce your heart, and expand your courage and capacity, i strongly recommend the pluto work with hummingbird.

~betsy r.

Working with Hummingbird in the Pluto Work has been incredibly supportive and rich! I came to this work looking for support in integrating some of the deeper lessons that came out of 2020 for me personally. The astrological insights paired with the somatic experiences provided tools to support greater self-compassion and self-regulation in order to show up more authentically in my life, and more aligned for and with the uprising and ongoing fight for social justice and collective liberation! ~emma v.

I got to know who I am better through The Pluto Work. Through incredibly accurate astrology, tarot and spirit guide readings combined with reverent somatic attention and care, Hummingbird guided me along my unique path during a time of transition in my life. Before the Pluto Work, I didn't even know what being embodied meant. After working with Hummingbird, I now have an understanding of what lies on the other side of ego; this understanding has enriched my life so beautifully, spurring me on toward greater humility and wonder.As a guide (and someone I now call a friend), Hummingbird is just the coolest: incredibly knowledgeable, unmistakably kind, and boasts a great sense of humor and perspective to boot. If you want to get to know yourself more intimately and bring some big, deep magic into your life, I can't recommend The Pluto Work enough. It's good, life-enriching medicine and support you can't find anywhere else.

~emma f.

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