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Astrology for the Revolution

Personalized Readings

This reading was shockingly resonant and relevant. I will be thinking about it for a long time! The way Hummingbird interpreted the cards and the astrology was so connected to my life at present it was nothing short of goosebump inducing.


Supporting folks in mapping their lives to their astrology is one of my absolute favorite things to do. Whether you're brand new to your natal chart or have been exploring it for decades, my readings will help you lean in to its magic, and the unique energies and timelines that reflect your personal soul-journey. I bring a background in somatics and energy training, and 13 years as a healer and spaceholder to my private work. I also work actively with a team of spirit guides that support each reading. Your deepest life-inquiries are welcome; in particular, I am here for tough conversations about humanity's current predicament, and how to live with integrity in times of collapse.

Learn more about me (Hummingbird) 


My reading with Hummingbird was informative, moving, expansive. I learned so much about myself, things about my life or my personality that always puzzled me are now clear, and being able to hold space for my complex nature has vastly changed my self-talk and self-compassion. Hummingbird was delightful - she takes you on a journey within yourself, explains things in a way that is clear and easy to remember, and delivers it all with a light and infectious excitement.



recorded readings |  $88

astrology reading

Get a detailed breakdown of your natal chart & transits; or, ask about any specific aspect of your astrology. Great for beginners, people who have been learning about their charts for years/decades, and anyone in between. Option to add a channeled message at the end.

tarot reading

Ask your questions to the spirit guides, and receive answers through the cards, in particular the profound illustrations of the Psychic Tarot by John Holland. This is not a traditional tarot reading with a complex spread; it's more of an intentional conversation with the spirit world.

relationship reading

A clean, honest energy read on you, another person, and the vibes between the two of you, using a simple spread with three decks originally developed for twin flame readings. Please note, this is not a synastry reading and won't include astrology, although you can let me know relevant placements in the purchase form.

live sessions (packages only)

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the karmic deep dive

A set of readings devoted to the nodes in your natal chart, and to the fleshing out of at least one layer of your karmic story. The KDD consists of:

  • 2 live readings (60-70 mins)

  • 1 recorded past life reading (30ish mins)

  • email access anytime for the duration of the package



the pluto work

The Pluto Work is based on an understanding of the natal chart as a map of your psychosomatic territory, and the cultural, ancestral and karmic layers we all carry in our bodies. It combines astrology with somatics, trance, and other practices/perspectives to help you embrace your power and evolutionary potential in these Plutonian times. The package includes:

  • 6 live sessions (60-70 mins)

  • 3 recorded readings (30ish mins)

  • opening & closing ceremony (45 mins each)

  • two workbooks & one ebook

  • voicenote/text/email access for duration of package


(beta price)

Thank you so much for this reading. I cried twice while watching the video. This is not the first time I've had my trans identity reflected back to me in tarot readings, but I didn't know that it was reflected in my astrology and so it was so affirming and fascinating to hear you reflect on androgyny and unconventional gender expression inherent in my chart.


I have been a client of Hummingbird's for longer than I can remember. She has never failed to be there for me in any time of crisis, be it relationship and heart centered issues or just the general anxiety of living in the world as well know it. She is insightful and kind, is always prompt in getting back to me, and her intuition is always helpful. She not only knows her stuff (astrology) but helps guide me in my own inner knowing as well. I have come to her many times when I felt I needed guidance and didn't know where else to turn. She is more than just an astrologer, she is a friend, and a resource. I highly recommend her services to everyone, for whatever reason. 💜

~T. L.

Hummingbird is a gifted channel and conduit and I am so grateful to encounter and receive her astrological work to help inform my own empowered action in the world.


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