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A prayer without a deed is an arrow without a bow-string.
A deed without a prayer is a bow-string without an arrow.


Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Manifestation.... is it our next phase of evolution, a glimpse into humanity's highest potential? Or is it new-age bullshit, an individualist framework that ignores systemic realities touted by grifters?


Can two things be true at once?


To me, manifestation is the process of action with intention towards specific chosen goals. It's how we take a dream, a desire, and make it real in our world. Mars is the planet of action, and I've found that there's overlap between natal Mars and a person's unique style of manifestation. We manifest at different paces, with different elemental qualities, and from different angles of approach (overt or covert? brute strength or strategy? etc) It's not just about the linear sum of your actions, but the magical combination of zeroing in on your desires and moving towards them in a way that is most aligned for you. Natal Mars can tell us a LOT about how to find that alignment.

While there are drawbacks and superpowers to each placement, the real revolutionary piece is that everyone's manifestation process is NOT the same. If you're trying to fit in a bite-size manifestation box, comparing yourself to others and feeling ashamed that you're not getting the results promised by so-called manifestation teachers, this workshop will give you a lot of perspective on why that might be. And if you're feeling energized, and ready to infuse goal-achievement with magic, this workshop will give you a foundational strategy.

The Mars & Manifestation Style workshop breaks down the manifestation styles of Mars in each sign, and gives you practical tips for applying them irl. I also look at 2 volunteer charts to explore complex or challenging Mars placements.

length: 1.5 hrs
format: video (download or stream)
cost: $18

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